Should I Lighten Up?–Now on The Good Men Project

Sexual objectification, the casual habit

By Angela Noel Lawson

November 12, 2018

My actions, I believe, result from the sum total of my past experiences and my current understanding.

Because of this, I know exactly why I frowned when the keynote speaker told a story about a naked female butt on stage at a conference. And a month later, when a different man told a dirty joke while on a panel discussing legal issues, I frowned again. Neither speaker’s topic had anything remotely to do with sex, but they still shared anecdotes laden with innuendo.

Head over to The Good Men Project to read the rest of this essay, Should I Lighten Up? In it, I consider the casual habit of sexual objectification and decide if I’m right to frown of if I should turn that frown upside down.

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Author: Angela Noel

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