Awesome Nuggets: Summertime Edition

Awesome nuggets summertime edition

By Angela Noel

June 27, 2018

I sometimes forget, particularly when life gets over-busy with obligations and activity, to revel in little moments of joy. Bringing them to mind helps dig happy pathways in my mind, reinforcing the good like steel girders in the skyscraper of life. Sharing these nuggets of awesomeness are my way of reminding myself to keep delight alive.

You can read former Awesome Nuggets posts collected for you on the new page devoted to these posts. Please feel free to visit it anytime and add your nuggets whenever the spirit moves you.

Here’s the Summertime Edition:

  • While I was on a run, a clown car drove by; an actual clown car, painted red, with two clowns in it.

    Awesome nuggets a clown car
    It wasn’t this clown, but you get the idea.
  • Unbeknownst to me, my son had selected my husband, his stepdad, as his hero for a class presentation.
  • I am no longer afraid of ticks. (Or I should say, I am much LESS afraid.)
  • I took a break from social media for a good long while. Inspired by Hayley’s journey about her experience breaking up with her phone, I found a new path and a new relationship to the online world.
  • My mom hugs me so tight it often takes my breath away. On her most recent visit, I found myself simply not wanting to let go.
  • Paul and I joined my friend Amy and her son Andy for a 5K race, organized by Mile in My Shoes. This organization isn’t trying to end homelessness explicitly, but rather change perceptions and find mutual transformation through running together–partnering those experiencing homelessness with a running mentor. Now that’s cool.

    Awesome Nuggets Mile in my Shoes
    Amy and I before the Mile in My Shoes 5K.
  • Speaking of running, Jackson completed his very first 5k in a fundraising race for his elementary school. Motivated to earn the trophy, Jack took off a bit too fast. But with some coaching from Paul he crossed the finish line in good time. He gained some experience in managing adrenaline, and the importance of pacing himself. That kid–how I love him.
  • We bought a new trailer and took it camping for it’s maiden voyage. I wrote about it recently, but I didn’t tell you Paul almost singed his eyebrows off trying to get the refrigerator working. However he still has his eyebrows, and that’s awesome.
  • Even though I missed my husband and son (both at different camps) in the early part of June, my best good friend, Angela, and I had a fancy dinner and a cocktail. She’s a gem.

    Awesome Nuggets, girl's night out
    Does a girl’s night out need anything more than a cocktail and a chance to dress up a little?
  • We managed to get free tickets to a summer concert series and saw KT Tunstall and the Barenaked Ladies live at a local amphitheater. The night was perfect–real and truly perfect.

    Awesome Nuggets, Barenaked Ladies Concert
    Paul and I at the Barenaked Ladies concert.

That’s it for this edition of Awesome Nuggets! It’s been a fun summer so far.
Your turn: What have you seen or done lately that brought a smile to your face?


Author: Angela Noel

On a quest to become a better human, I write about parenting, leadership, and personal development. I tell my stories so you can find your own.

34 thoughts on “Awesome Nuggets: Summertime Edition”

  1. Lovely! Thanks so much for the mention. I think that’s SO adorable that your son picked your husband as his hero. Bless him! Also, I find as our parents age the hugs do last longer and are tighter. I’m trying to think of some nuggets I’ve experienced this week….my optician was so lovely to me yesterday, he completely put me at ease. Some people just know how to treat patients/clients. Also, I’ve just finished an amazing book- Little Fires Everywhere. It was SO good. It’s part of my new Just Another Book Club List. Oh and of course England beating Panama 6-1 in the football World Cup was extraordinary. I don’t think our match against Belgium tonight will go so well though.

    1. I’ve been wanting to read that book for awhile. It sounds awesome.
      Go England! (Sorry Panama)
      I think you’re right about some doctors or practitioners. They’re in it because they care about people. I’m glad he was nice to you. 🙂

    1. Good for you! Working through any kind of fear is a bit of a struggle. But I just heard a lovely phrase today, “If you can mention it, you can manage it.” In other words talking about a fear and acknowledging it might not make it go away, but it makes it more manageable. So-you’re already getting there!

  2. This is a lovely read Angela! I love all your nuggets, especially the running you did for a good cause. Well done. My nuggets would have to include cuddling a friend’s baby and remembering that little baby smell and the soft squishy feel of their skin. It made me smile. I had a few days to get in some practice for my impending grand motherhood and loved every moment of it. Sometimes it’s the small things when you’re travelling that make it a special time.

    1. Oh my heavens that new baby smell and snuggle! There just is not comparison. Congratulations on your impending grandmotherhood! That’s a wonderful, wonderful thing! You’ll have to tell me all about how different it is to love the baby of your baby. I’ve heard it’s just divine. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I love my springtime/early summer garden. It takes a lot of work in high altitude, dry mountain conditions in So. Cal. My drought tolerant garden is so beautiful this year with a plethora of blooms and volunteer wildflowers. I’m in awe. And every time a hummingbird comes to visit as I stand near its feeder, I just marvel at its tiny, glimmering body and the roar of its wings. Reflecting on these simple blessings in my life has made my day! Thanks, Ang.

    1. Hooray for volunteer wildflowers. I love those the most. I’m so glad you enjoyed just thinking about the little glories. I know I need to remind myself to do this–and it makes me happy to read all the good things people share.

  4. I can feel the happiness in all that you shared and furthermore, I was lucky to spend some precious time with you over dinner and a cocktail. We should do it again! My moments of happiness this week have come from seeing cardinals and hearing them “sing”; getting a new bright pink finger cast, custom made by a super kind physical therapist who treated me with compassion when I shared I had lost my cast and needed a new one; from watching the Colombian soccer team win twice and making it to the next round; and, from seeing the biggest full moon last night.

    And to my best good friend, Angela, Thanks for highlighting our friendship. I hope you know how much I appreciate, value and care about you. We are so lucky to have found each other years ago!


    1. So so lucky! And go Colombia!! (Note, I spelled it correctly for once. That’s kind of something to celebrate right?)
      You know, a caring medical professional really can make a bad day better. And a pink cast could almost be like a fashion accessory. Kinda? Maybe?

  5. Angela, I LOVE your “Awesome Nuggets” posts – they put a smile on my face and warm my heart. You’ve had quite the summer already, but I do hope you do at least one more “Awesome Nuggets” for the second part of summer, as I’m sure you’ll have many more happy experiences.

    I particularly love the your nuggets about going out to dinner with your best friend. You are right, there’s nothing like getting to spend time with your best friend – getting dressed up is an extra bonus! My best friend of over 20 years is coming to stay with us tonight, and I can’t wait to share that special time.

    Also, I’m glad you’re not as afraid of ticks anymore – it will make camping much less stressful. 🙂 I used to be afraid of them too, but now have dealt with so many, I’m pretty much un-phased. Though, I still hate them and the diseases they can cause.

    Oh, and I love the little bit about hugs from your mother – what a special moment. 🙂

    My happy moment as of late is an email I received from one of my soccer player’s mother. She stated that her daughter has grown to love soccer so much that she has decided to quit dance. Her mother wrote that between practices and games her daughter plays soccer in the backyard with her dad and the neighbor girl.

    This particular girl started soccer last year because her parents wanted her to play to see if it would help with the anxiety their daughter was having. In the last year, this player has gone from a quiet, shy player, to one of the most motivated and aggressive players who has made friends with the whole team. A team sport success story.

    1. That’s such a wonderful story. I love it.
      Also, I should have added in this post that meeting up with you for our MANY revolutions around a small lake and discussing deep writing thoughts was also a highlight. Definitely a nugget I’ll save for Summertime Edition Part Deux.

  6. I can honestly say that this post made me smile. You look so happy, Angela! And now I know why I haven’t seen you much on social media, good for you for taking a break! I’d be interested in hearing how you have lessened your fear of ticks, they creep me out quite a bit! My hubby ended up with several on our last backpacking trip and I found one two weeks later in my bag! Lately, what makes me smile the most is seeing my loved ones posting pictures of themselves out enjoying the summer weather in the outdoors. I think everyone waits for summer and the happiness in brings!

    1. Thank you for sharing that great point–seeing our loved ones enjoying themselves is one of those truly beautiful pleasures.
      If I never saw a tick again, I wouldn’t be sad. But, I think the idea of having one actually beginning the dig into my skin weirdly made me feel better. It’s like getting vaccinated. By realizing the tick is just doing what it does and that’s why I have this amazing thing called skin that protects me kind of inoculated me from too much fear. However, they do cause terrible diseases and vigilance is still warranted. Like going on a rollercoaster and getting the “big scary drop” over with–the rest is manageable. Not sure if that’s helpful at all. . .

  7. Beautiful pictures here of a beautiful lady! I love that your boy nominated your hubby – we never know what goes through kids’ heads do we?! My nuggets for this week all revolve around my girl – so proud of her for doing work experience at an architects’ in London and for navigating the rail service; her face was a picture when she opened the letter saying she has won a prize for academic endeavour; and she pushed me all the way to a local beauticians where we both had our ears pierced again(girlie treat!) ahead of her end of year school Prom/party for year 11 – she looked beautiful (did you see pic on my blog post) and I am SO proud. What a gushing mother …..not allowed to say it anywhere else!

    1. This is an absolute delight to read. I didn’t see the pic, I’ll have to go and check it out now. Your daughter sounds so lovely. It’s a big deal to win a prize for anything one works hard at and it sounds as if she and you have every reason to be very proud.

    1. Yes! So far. Though some days I have to keep reminding myself to see the good. Today I drove down the highway and saw a billboard that read, “Fear is contagious, but so is hope.” I feel like I should get that as a tattoo–or at least on a bumper sticker. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Awesome nuggets and sauce…:) Love that your son picked his stepfather for a school project. That says a lot about the relationship. Tears of joy!

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