Saying Goodbye (For Now)

A Love Letter by Tessa Moore

August 25, 2016

Dear Kyra,

We told you for months that I was leaving for college, but it wasn’t until you were looking through my bottles of shampoo, laundry detergent, silverware, and soap that you finally understood. You turned around and crawled on my bed next to me. “I don’t want you to go to college.” Your six-year-old voice cracks with tears. Then, I had to hug you and let you cry. You didn’t know this but I was crying along with you. Technically, I was tearing up. But I wouldn’t be crying if I hadn’t tried so hard not to.

A month later you came up to me. “Tessa, I heard a legend that when big sisters go to college, they have to take the little sisters with them.” I laughed and said it wasn’t a legend, that you just made it up. It’s three weeks before I leave and I wish I could take you. I wish I could hide you in my suitcase and take you to my dorm room with me. But I can’t. You have to stay home with your two other brothers. It’s going to be strange without you. For six years, you’ve been by my side bugging me, always asking to make cookies with me, and begging me to play with you.

I’m going to miss you and you’re going to miss me. You already miss me if I’m gone for half the day. Can you imagine what three months will feel like? But the good news is that I won’t be gone forever.

Tessa begins her studies at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois soon. In the meantime, Kyra holds on tight.

I’ll come back for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. And then we can do each other’s makeup and watch movies again.

I’ll try to Skype or make videos for you to watch while I’m away. But never forget that I love you. I’m only leaving to learn. You are an adorable little girl who’s going to do amazing things when you get older, I just know it. And who knows, I might be able to “steal” you for a day and you’ll be able to see the city.



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What or who did you miss most when you left for school?

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2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye (For Now)”

  1. I left Hawaii to finish college in New Mexico; it was the cost and time factor that led me to make that choice. I could afford to work part-time and go to college full time in NM, vs the opposite in Hawaii. Good one which brought me closer to my daughters, but disrupted a couple of budding romances which never again had the opportunity to bloom.

    1. It is hard to leave the past behind, even when it’s the right thing to do. Though I suspect no matter where you go, good relationships follow.

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