Write a Love Letter: How You Can and Why you Should

Write a love letter

By Angela Noel

May 4, 2017

To feel love and to express it boldly without expectation of return requires tremendous courage. The word courage originates from the Latin word for heart. Not the organ itself, but what it represents–the living room for our feelings. In my original I Want Your Love Letters post I ask readers of my blog to pen a letter to anyone he or she loves or admires–friend, teacher, lover, mentor, parent, bus driver, coach, sibling–anyone. Each writer of a love letter demonstrates the essence of heart. Every one of the letters makes me smile and fills me with a kind of quiet inspiration. And I want more.

For this post, I’ve gathered these letters together to celebrate the writers and their loved ones. I also want to invite others, like you, to contribute your love letters to the collection.

Write a love letter and I’ll publish it on the You are Awesome blog. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a look at the letters published in 2016. I hope this list grows with your contribution in 2017.

35 Years of Secrets, Laughter, and Love

From Angela: Love Letters are written by subscribers to the You Are Awesome blog. Each of us know teachers, friends, lovers, parents, grandparents, children, bosses, artists, mentors, or teammates who embody goodness, who give the best of themselves in unique… #friendship #gratitude #loveletters

Saying Goodbye (For Now)

A Love Letter by Tessa Moore August 25, 2016 Dear Kyra, We told you for months that I was leaving for college, but it wasn’t until you were looking through my bottles of shampoo, laundry detergent, silverware, and soap that you finally understood. You turned… #family #inspiration #loveletters

First Love

A Love Letter by Destiny Ely September 8, 2016 Excited to write for Angela’s blog, I couldn’t wait to go home, open up the computer, and begin writing a letter to someone I love. Of course, my parents came to mind first, then I thought about my sisters or my…

Wanted: Best Big Sister Ever

A Love Letter by Julia Zhang October 13, 2016 I was a two-year-old preparing for the most important role of my life: Best Big Sister Ever. My parents told me it was my job to take good care of my little sister because she would look up to me, which is a big…

I am Adopted

A Love Letter by Dana Mason Womer January 12, 2017 I am adopted. This is a phrase I have said hundreds of times in my life. When I’m at a new doctor and they want my family history: I am adopted. When my kid’s doctor wants a family history on his maternal side:…

Your turn: Who do you love? What impact did they have on you?

Author: Angela Noel

On a quest to become a better human, I write about parenting, leadership, and personal development. I tell my stories so you can find your own.

24 thoughts on “Write a Love Letter: How You Can and Why you Should”

  1. What a beautiful idea! When I have some time this summer, I might contribute. Thanks for posting these letters.

  2. This is another excellent idea Angela! Those that you’ve shared thus far are touching tributes.

    1. Thanks, Gabe! I hope you’ll be among the 2017 contributors. No pressure, of course. There are so many ways to share love- any which way we do it is wonderful. But I do so love reading what happens when pen hits paper (or fingers hit keyboard.) Thanks for reading!

  3. These letters are beautiful. As is the idea. Kudos to you. I’ve sent lots of love CARDS to people, but not too many love letters. I’m going to start working on one, or three, or five!

  4. A wonderful idea Angela! There are so many people I love… for different reasons!!!!

  5. Great idea! It’s really inspiring and touching thing to do.People need to know they are loved and cared for.

    1. Thanks, Pam! One letter went viral when LOVE WHAT MATTERS (the Facebook group) with over 6 Mil followers picked up the story! Love really does matter. I hope you decide to write one sometime. I’d love it.

    2. Yes! Even if it’s not something shared with the world, sharing with the person him or herself makes a world of difference. It takes courage, but it can change everything. Thanks for reading and sharing your thought!

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  7. I guess this would be my farewell love letter to my dad:


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