Story Skeleton: The River Carries the Story

Vancouver River

Guest Post: A Story Skeleton by Kathy Davis

September 28, 2017

I can watch the flow of water in a rocky, shallow river for hours at a time. Nothing particular occupies my mind; just the travel of water over the hills, valleys, and byways that comprise the river’s topography. The water goes carelessly over, around, and under the boulders and stones that determine its path. When it meets resistance it does not fight against it. Rather, it seeks the nearest and easiest course in its gravitational pull to reach its final level.

Just as each drop of water is a part of the whole, so can that drop become a separate entity. It can transform into bits of foam as the air infuses its cells and a tiny rainbow dresses its surface. Or, single droplets can break away from the whole and as they are thrown from the cascade of water surging over a boulder or rolling off the crest of a wave they become diamonds flying through the air. Then, as each droplet settles back into the flow, it becomes, once again, an unremarkable bit of water, part of the whole.

Three Rivers
The river cuts mountains, but is also bounded by them.
The path of resistance, or least resistance.

In what direction would we go? We, as well, must continually move onward in life. Not to do so would be to stagnate, to become a haven for the growth of undesirable pestilence. Should we move with the whole, building power in cohesiveness? Or do we separate into tributaries or tangential pathways seeking our own life fulfillment? Yes, and yes.

Shouldn’t we, on the way though, take a moment to sparkle as the diamond filled rapids and the cresting wave? Or, perhaps float gently as a bubble on the surface adding both color and clarity to the whole around us? Do we become a part of the whole again as the flow of life once again enfolds us? Such is the cycle of life.

We are all part of the whole of humanity, each with the capacity to shine or enhance the beauty of those around us. Our Creator has given each one of us talents and gifts as we work together to carry the river along, overcoming, not fighting against, resistance and celebrating with diamonds and rainbows on our way to our final goal.

Your turn: Do you go with the flow in life? Or do have a hard time stopping to enjoy the moment?

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Author: Angela Noel

On a quest to become a better human, I write about parenting, leadership, and personal development. I tell my stories so you can find your own.

11 thoughts on “Story Skeleton: The River Carries the Story”

      1. My pleasure, Kathy. Do you have a Blog of your own that I could check out? I couldn’t find one in the Story Skeleton post. If you do, or something akin, would you mind posting a link to it in a reply? I’d like to read more of your work. Thanks.

  1. James, thanks for your interest. I don’t have a blog. At least, not yet. Your encouragement may just lead me to venture into blog-world. But for now, I will post as a guest when possible. I’m grateful to Angela for posting my story. Her writing has inspired me for years and I’m honored to be able to contribute to her blog.

  2. With your words I feel like I am sitting on the banks of the river. Thank you for creating a beautiful picture and giving me something to think about.

  3. Love this vision: take time to sparkle! My favorite line, “We are all part of the whole of humanity, each with the capacity to shine or enhance the beauty of those around us.” Truth!

  4. Kathy, you speak my kind of language. I love the magic that nature brings us each and every day, and I felt like I was sitting and observing the river as I read your story. People are just like water in that each person takes a different journey through life, just as a water droplet does while riding a current. I like your reminder that we need to take the time to sparkle on our ride through life.

    1. The beauty and complexity of nature has a wisdom of its own. Whenever I open myself up to the Spirit of creation, my soul and my mind are enriched and my heart can find peace. Thank you for your comment.

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