The Problem with Pretty Girls and Princesses–Now on OTV

The Problem with Pretty Girls and Princesses

By Angela Noel

September 12, 2018

We affirm what we value. When it comes to girls, too often we value what’s on the outside rather than what’s within. I’m honored to have my essay, The Problem with Pretty Girls and Princesses, featured in OTV Magazine. In it, I share my story of how being called a pretty girl (or not) impacted me. And more importantly, what I’ve decided to do about it. 

Please take a trip to OTV and read my essay. Share it with others and add your thoughts. While you’re there, read some of the excellent essays from other authors such as: Shareen Mansfield, Rica Lewis, Kara Post-Kennedy, Elaine Mansfield, Raymond Baxter and many others.

Happy reading. Thank you for joining the conversation.




Author: Angela Noel

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