First Love

A Love Letter by Destiny Ely

September 8, 2016

Excited to write for Angela’s blog, I couldn’t wait to go home, open up the computer, and begin writing a letter to someone I love. Of course, my parents came to mind first, then I thought about my sisters or my amazing friends. The more I thought about it, the harder it was to choose.

While sitting on my bed, pulling at my bottom lip, because that’s what I do when I’m thinking, I realized I should write a love letter to myself. The most important kind of love is self-love. I can’t give what I don’t have; I need to love myself first before I can really love anyone else. So here is my love letter to myself, a constant  reminder that I am loved, and not just by the important people in my life, but by the most important, me.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

Dear Destiny,

Like many, you have suffered and life has tried to bring you down. Yet somehow in the chaos you’ve never waivered. Your strength amazes me and without it we wouldn’t have made it this far.

When you are on your way to work you sing to yourself—no radio just a little song for you, “Today is going to be a good day, a good day, a good day.” You sing it to remind yourself that you have the power to make it a good day and I love that about you.

Your sensitivity, although at times unwanted, is a good thing. Embrace it. It means you feel deeply, empathize with others and care for the world that surrounds you.

Destiny Ely
Destiny Ely

When the sun comes out so do all those little freckles all over your face. They start right between your eyebrows dropping down your nose and covering both cheeks. Sometimes you look in the mirror and wish they weren’t there. But then you tell yourself, “They give you character and make you unique stop your complaining and get ready for work or you will be late!” Sometimes you think back to when you needed a penicillin shot as a kid. Your dad, in an attempt to distract you, tried to count them and gave up after five. He then told you God sprinkled your face with freckles pinched your cheeks and sent you down with love. You are adorable.

Your ability to forgive those who hurt you is one of my favorite qualities about you. Walking through life with resentment and hate is bad for the soul. Always remember that at some point or another we’ve all needed to be forgiven .

Your mind races at about million miles an hour, filled with new ideas, adventures you want to have, or stories you want to write. You may not follow through with all of them, but that’s okay. Let your mind wander because every great idea or amazing adventure starts with imagining it. Dreamers stay young and excited.

You are amazing! Continue to be strong, positive, caring, and forgiving. Never stop dreaming. On those days where you feel the world is dark and lonely and you wonder how anyone in the world could love you, just remember that I love you.

With all my love,


From Angela:

Love Letters are written by subscribers to the You Are Awesome blog. Each of us know teachers, friends, lovers, parents, grandparents, children, bosses, artists, mentors, or teammates who embody goodness, who give the best of themselves in unique and interesting ways. I ask for your courage. I ask for your words. I ask that you share your gratitude and admiration. I ask for YOUR love letters. To learn how to submit a guest post read this.

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3 thoughts on “First Love”

  1. Destiny Ely,
    What an inspiration you are. It is true we have to love ourselves before anyone can truly love us. That being said I believe that sometimes that is the hardest love to retain, because of all the hidden qualities. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  2. Destiny, you are beautiful inside and out. As I was told (oh, so many years ago), those freckles will make you look younger when you get older, especially along with the your beautiful smile. You’re a wise woman. Thank you for sharing.

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