A Handsome Stranger Becomes a Best Friend

Lauren and Luke on their wedding day

A Love Letter by Lauren Elliot.

June 6,2017

Note: Luke and Lauren retreated to separate rooms and gave each other an hour to write their respective marriage vows in June 2015. The below is adapted from what she promised to her now-husband on their wedding day.

Dear Luke,

We first met during Fresher’s Week in 2008, on a little trip to Sainsbury’s. I was strolling along the road when I bumped into a tall, handsome stranger, who said he would come along for the ride. You were so friendly that I couldn’t resist. From them on we were inseparable! We spent countless nights talking on the benches, pretending to be Rose– ‘Jack, the boats, come back…’

I had fancied you since I met you. I was suddenly really shy around you, and scared of losing the friendship we had already built. You were too far out of my league! So when you finally kissed me at Sunday lunch, I couldn’t believe it! I had so many butterflies! By Christmas, I loved you all the world! I told my nan and grandad on Christmas Day that I’d met the man I was going to marry.

The Early Years
Lauren and Luke on their wedding day
Lauren and Luke on their wedding day.

Moving into our first flat together was one of the best things of my life. I got to have a sleepover every single night with my best friend. Although we had some difficult times in that flat, I love that we established some routines that are so much part of us now. We always cooked for each other and ate together. We always went to bed at the same time. You always flicked your dressing gown after eating to make room for more comfy cuddles! We lived the high-life–regularly dining at the Mailbox, drinking in Brindley Place, and frequenting the Hippodrome.

We really fell on our feet when we moved to Nu Living! You got your own Ladies Powder Room, and we gained a second bedroom. I loved our time at this flat: working flat out to complete our degrees, celebrating my 21st birthday the day after we moved in, and hosting some amazing evenings with friends. I have never been more surprised than when you came home from work one evening, after weeks and weeks of long hours, with dessert–a brand new Macbook!  Notwithstanding the amount of money it cost you, I love that you worked so hard to put something right that someone else had done to me. As if I needed any confirmation, it made me realise that I was the luckiest girl in the world.

From there we moved to our little old house in Monkeys. Here we have really made a home, settling perfectly into Solihull living: gardening, curtain twitching to check on the neighbours, visiting the health club, and dining at The Farm, Giovanni’s, The Malt Shovel, and The Orange Tree.

We’ve set up Elegie School of Music, and started to make big plans for our future.

Musical Mum – Inspiring music making with children at home

Music is crucial in helping your child’s development! It helps you to bond, and to create a happy and energetic home. It builds confidence, breaks down social barriers, and helps with language skills. Music gives children a sense of achievement, and teaches them to work towards goals.

The Proposal

On our sixth anniversary, we flew out to Tenerife, meeting my nan and grandad out there. Unbeknown to me you had asked my mum and grandad permission to marry me (before getting ridiculously drunk on  one Euro beers!). I tried to give you an anniversary card that night, but you refused it; feigning embarrassment and alluding to the fact that you had forgotten.

The next night, after Nan and Grandad had left, we got dressed up to go out. You made a big deal of checking that we matched and making sure you looked good. We had some drinks at the apartment before heading out for dinner. You fixed our drinks, while I got ready. Out on the balcony, you told me you did in fact have a card for me, and it was under the chair. I started to read, line-by-line. It finished ‘p.s. there is one more thing’–when I looked up you were on one knee, asking me to be your wife. I have never been so happy as in that moment, and can’t wait to relive it on our honeymoon later this year.

I am excited to marry you and be Mrs. Elliott. I am excited to buy a house with you, and decorate it with our favourite things. I am excited to get Jasper and Lincoln, and walk them on Sundays when we never have to work at weekends. I am excited to have lots of babies–even though they will tower above me, and always grow out of their clothes. I am also excited to finish Damages, have some more curries, and get a bigger bed!

I’ve been in love with you for many years.

I love how family-oriented you are–you’re always make time for your family and mine, and how you put so much effort into other people’s happiness. I love how strong and carefree you are, and how you always put my worries in perspective and make me laugh. I love how, even though I moan that you don’t want to go out, all you want to do is stay in with me. I love how you never carry on with a programme without me. I love your insane curiosities about planes and contact lenses and The Shard. I love how excited you get when you play bass guitar, or we watch Sweeney Todd, or you’re listening to Snarky Puppy. I love that we always do voiceovers when watching things. I love watching you teach, and seeing how great you are with children. I love that you are sociable and memorable and loved by so many people. I love that you have the same dreams as me, and you are fighting to live them. And most of all, I love that everything you ever do is to make me happy.

And so my vows to you are that: I strive every single day to make you happy, and for you to never be left feeling hurt or sad or lonely. I will always be your best friend. I’ll celebrate with you, cry with you, and dance with you, growing older to be milfs, dilfs, gilfs and great-gilfs, and I’ll never want for anything more.

Love and snogs and things,

Your Zghee xxxxx

The Elliot Family
The family grows with the newest addition in August, 2016.
Lauren and Luke got married in October 2015, and had a little boy in August 2016. They are both music teachers, who work with the aim of making music accessible to everyone. Their website, www.musicalmum.com, provides help and inspiration to parents who want to introduce music to their children at home. You can also find Musical Mum on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/musicalmum/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mummusical/)
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