Who We Are

Spiral Jetty Club

By Angela Noel

January 19, 2017

Seems like just yesterday we were dressing up in feather boas and funny hats together, but CK Sanders has been CEO of a successful New York business for sixteen years now. She once helped me catch crawdads in a pond, and now she helps New Yorkers experience the great outdoors through day trips to craft breweries, wineries, and other hot spots for agritourism.

Playing Dress Up
CK on the left, me, and and our cousin Michelle in 1980. Dressing up with Grandma Sue’s old boas and hats. (Did people actually wear this stuff?)

If owning her own business wasn’t enough, CK launched a music career as a side project. Her recently released single, “Who We Are,” feels like an anthem to everything I want 2017 to be: heartfelt, collaborative, creative, and true. 

CK’s band, Spiral Jetty Club, consists of herself, and a rotating list of collaborators. She deals with heavy issues like consumerism, love, spirituality, and women’s issues with playful empowerment and a pop, electroacoustic sound.

Caylin Kelly Sanders, aka Spiral Jetty Club.
CK Sanders, aka Spiral Jetty Club, CEO and singer songwriter.

The band released “Who We Are,” the first ever crowd-sourced song and music video, in December, 2016.

The vocals are beautiful, the message is simple: Don’t just say you’re fine. Do Something. “Shed the old skin,” CK sings, “grow the light from within.”

The images in the video–women of all shapes, colors, sizes, and professions from a range of historical periods–speak to the power in all of us.

Sometimes,” CK says about why she and Jocelyn Mackenzie wrote the song, “just taking a small action or facing down one of your fears opens a whole new world of possibilities.”

Please enjoy.

WHO WE ARE by Spiral Jetty Club

Your turn: What art/music/books/poetry is speaking to you right now? 


Author: Angela Noel

On a quest to become a better human, I write about parenting, leadership, and personal development. I tell my stories so you can find your own.

11 thoughts on “Who We Are”

    1. Thanks, Louise! It means a lot to both CK and me that you stopped by. I’m determined to make 2017 a year when I step up my advocacy for others. WHO WE ARE helps remind me of what we can accomplish together.

  1. Great song, I even found her on Spotify so I’ll listen to her other stuff, too! Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. I’m listening to Sapiens on CD right now and it seems to go hand in hand with an Undoing Racism workshop I attended this last week. Heavy stuff. Still processing but hope to write about it somewhere, because that’s what I do. It is speaking to me as part of my whole “listen first” and “acknowledge the other side” path I have been talking about lately. It’s testing my ability to do so… 🙂

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